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Bluestone patios by Darder Stone Works are classic, durable, functional and beautiful.

As outdoor living spaces become more popular, nothing serves its purpose better than a bluestone patio. Bluestone comes in so many varieties, it’s easy to customize a look that best fits your lifestyle, home or pool. This can range from an irregular and rustic natural bluestone patio to a traditional colonial rectangular¬†bluestone patio- and everything in-between!

Bluestone is the perfect solution; not only for its varieties, but because it’s slip resistant, permanent in color and will never fade from the UV light, works very well with other stones and extremely forgiving when scratched or stained.

Bluestone patios do not rot away, they do not require year to year maintenance and when properly constructed, and will last for generations.

The design and construction of bluestone patios here in the Hudson Valley/Catskills has become the backbone of our business at Darder Stone Works. We’re excited to help create your next bluestone patio!

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