About Darder Stone Works

Darder Stone Works is a stone service company that is owned and managed by Forest Darder. Mr. Darder has designed and constructed some of the finest stone walls, bluestone patios, steps, waterfalls and various other stone masonry structures throughout the Catskills.

Our objective is simple: to be the finest stone masonry service company in the Catskills, providing 100% customer satisfaction, creative design and top quality construction. We are licensed and fully insured.

Solid Stone Masonry Experience

Forest Darder brings experience, education, business mentalities, personality and creativeness to Darder Stone Works. A graduate from Syracuse University’s Civil Engineering Program, his education provides him with knowledge on structural design, frost heave, surveying, soil & stone properties, and drainage control. All of these are crucial in the design and construction of residential landscapes.

Along with the education and experience, Mr. Darder offers creativity and the ability to effectively convey ideas to the client. We strive to combine imagination with time-honored craftsmanship. As a full-time stone masonry company, we offer both interior and exterior applications through design and construction practices. The company’s mortar-free stone walls, patios, and steps remain our signature service for throughout Sullivan County and the surrounding areas.

Complete bid breakdown, contractual forms between Owner and Contractor, all associated legal documents and permits, design sketches and scheduled startup dates.

Masonry Stone Work: Miscellaneous Stone Veneer, Stone, Brick, And Block Driveway Pavers, Stone, Brick, and Block Patios, Stone, Brick, Block Interior Floors Chimneys

Mortar Free Masonry Stonework: Stone Walls, Stone And Block Retaining Walls, Stone Steps, Stone, Brick, Block Patios

Other Stone Work: Waterfalls, Interior and Exterior Fireplaces, Stone Terraces, Stone Table Tops and Benches, Stone Counter Tops, Pool Coping

Supplying copies of the documentation of the project including all paperwork on file and all digital photos of the project from start to finish.

Construction of new tables, counters, structures using bluestone.

Bluestone Counter Tops, Coffee Tables, End Tables, Sofa Tables, Book Shelves, Hutches, Benches, Chests, Counter Tops.

Irregular Bluestone, Weathered Irregular Bluestone, Custom Cut Bluestone Dimensions, Hand Chipped or Weathered Bluestone Edging, Weathered Patterned Bluestone

Renovations of existing tables with the use of bluestone.

Serving Ulster County New York, Sullivan County New York, Orange County New York.